How to design your Dream Ring

We can make any piece of Jewellery you desire.

You can make initial contact either by messenger, phone, or email.

You might like one of our samples in the Gallery, with perhaps some changes. We can then work from there.

If you live outside of Auckland, we can and regularly do work remotely with clients. First, we gain an idea of what you want and can advise the next best step. We build a relationship with you to gather an understanding of what you and your partner are looking for in a ring. It does help to have an idea what you like, how much you want to spend, how big a gem you wish for, and what metal the setting could be.

If you have seen a ring you like, say on an overseas website, even if you want parts altered to make your unique diamond ring design, that’s a great start, but we can design a bespoke ring for you from scratch if that’s your wish.

Check out Buying from an Overseas Jeweller.

We then work out some costs and quote on several options such as sizes and grades of diamonds, to give you an idea of how different combinations can change the cost. We have some great advice and clear options to help you decide.

You might like to look and gain more information on choosing your diamond on our buying guide.

Computer Assisted Drawing

Our diamond ring designer will create a CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) from an initial diamond design you may like or any fanciful idea you might have. This is where you see the general concept of what you are imagining, and where the design is tweaked and adjusted until you are happy. It is then given a 3D rendering so you can see just what it will look like when made up. We do not proceed beyond this stage until you are completely happy with the design.

Unless there are major alterations from our original quote, we will not increase the quoted price.

diamond ring designer
diamond jewellery designers

At this stage, if our diamond jewellery designers have done their job correctly and the render is accepted, we request a 50% deposit as a sign of good faith, and that you are serious and wanting to proceed. Most of this quoting stage and settling on the design can be carried out online by emails. When you are ready, or at any time, we can meet to discuss your plans face to face and guide you through the process in an unbiased and pressure-free environment in our relaxed downtown Auckland conference room where we book an appointment at your convenience. There, we can advise and discuss the details of your plans, answer any questions, and you can see mounted and loose Lab Grown Diamonds, showing off their amazing features such as ‘Hearts & Arrows’, the true test of an excellent cut diamond, and the feature which brings out the highest brilliance of a perfectly proportioned diamond.

We then discuss with the Jeweller, how long they expect it will take to manufacture, set the diamond, and finish the ring. This normally takes two – three weeks.

As a part of our promise of quality, all rings are manufactured by experienced master jewellers and gem setters working in New Zealand. We give an uncompromising lifetime warranty on the workmanship of every item we sell.

We take pride and go the extra mile to make sure everything is up to your satisfaction, so you will receive a beautiful ring made just for you.
You pay the balance owing, then show it off to your envious friends!

magnicent gemstone

If you were fortunate enough to discover a rough diamond in the ground, you might assume it is just another unremarkable, irregular shaped pebble.

It has taken diamond cutters generations of experimenting and passing down the (often jealously guarded) knowledge, of the physical and optical characteristics of such an unremarkable pebble, to bring out the brilliance and fire of a polished round brilliant cut diamond.

There is a wonderful symmetry with artisans skilfully beautifying this magnificent gemstone and now, with human ingenuity, actually creating it.

A lab-grown diamond is a diamond for the future. We invite you to experience the wonder of lab-grown diamonds for yourself in an exquisite piece of jewellery from Adamastar.