Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely – Yes. Laboratory-grown diamonds are not fake diamonds. They are composed almost entirely of carbon (as are earth-mined diamonds), and have the exact same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are made by recreating the same conditions beneath the Earth that resulted in diamond growth: carbon subjected to heat and pressure.

Lab-grown diamonds are not the same as diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia. Even glass can be cut to look like a diamond. These merely ‘simulate’ a diamond, that is they just look like a diamond to the untrained eye.

To start with there is the obvious financial advantage, giving you more ‘bang for your buck’. If you compare a ring made with identical metal settings and diamond size and quality, you’ll find the lab-grown diamond ring is up to half the price. Lab-grown diamonds are also ethical. Since they are grown in a laboratory, the diamonds are conflict-free and in no way connected to some of the dubious earth mined diamond trade pipeline practices that continue to still occur in certain places even today, despite claims by the earth-mined industry to the contrary.

Lab-grown diamonds have a cleaner environmental footprint. Earth-mined diamonds are fossil fuel intensive, environmentally damaging, and becoming less sustainable every year. Growing diamonds uses a fraction of that energy and do not contaminate fragile ecosystems in rivers and lakes with tailings.

Yes. There is a small but growing re-sale market for laboratory grown diamonds Just like mined diamonds. A purchaser of a lab created diamond can expect to resell their lab diamond at a similar discount to what they would receive if selling a second-hand mined diamond.

Adamastar Diamonds will gladly purchase laboratory-grown diamonds from you, providing of course it is not damaged or chipped.

Because lab diamond gemstone sales are relatively new, there are not as many outlets that will buy back a lab grown diamond, yet. Pawn shops and traditional jewellers may not yet buy lab diamonds however, that is changing as the industry grows.

It is important to note that both grown & mined diamonds do not increase in value over time, relative to inflation, and should not be considered an investment.

Adamastar Diamonds suggests that you view their lab diamond purchase as a luxury, discretionary purchase, not an investment. You should never expect to be able to sell your diamond for more or the same of what you originally paid for it at retail, whether natural or lab grown, relative to inflation. This is because retailers who buy your diamond from you must be able to re-sell that stone for a profit.

Every diamond from Adamastar of more than 0.50 carat, has been analysed and graded according to the criteria of the 4C’s: carat, colour, clarity and cut, just the same as is as an earth mined diamond. Your diamond comes with a Diamond Report by the International Gemmological Institute (IGI).

At Adamastar, we have qualified gemmologists who check every certificate for accurate grading. You can rest assured that our diamonds will be what the IGI Report says, and they will display the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds, including exhibiting the identical fire, scintillation, and brilliance you would expect from an earth-mined diamond.

We could add another ‘C’, the confidence, that you can have with a lab-grown diamond from Adamastar.

The laser inscription on the diamond you chose, will match with the corresponding diamond report that you will receive with your purchase. The report will display the grades of the diamond, and these will be the grades you have chosen. A jeweller with a microscope can confirm the laser inscription matching the two.
Yes, of course. We have an office in Auckland city where you may visit by appointment. Please call 09 866 9733 or message to make an appointment. You can view the ring or item you have chosen with the diamond before you make your final payment.
Of course. We have lab-grown diamonds of every size, shape, grade, colour including fancy colours available. Some of the lower colour and clarity grades are harder to get as the lab-grown laboratories prefer to try and grow better grade diamond as there is little point in putting all their skills and technology into gemstones of lower grades. Check out the Bespoke.
magnicent gemstone

If you were fortunate enough to discover a rough diamond in the ground, you might assume it is just another unremarkable, irregular shaped pebble.

It has taken diamond cutters generations of experimenting and passing down the (often jealously guarded) knowledge, of the physical and optical characteristics of such an unremarkable pebble, to bring out the brilliance and fire of a polished round brilliant cut diamond.

There is a wonderful symmetry with artisans skilfully beautifying this magnificent gemstone and now, with human ingenuity, actually creating it.

A lab-grown diamond is a diamond for the future. We invite you to experience the wonder of lab-grown diamonds for yourself in an exquisite piece of jewellery from Adamastar.