About Us

Adamastar is one of New Zealand’s leading laboratory grown diamond or lab created diamonds in NZ, helping you obtain your perfect laboratory diamond ring, set in jewellery from a sustainable laboratory diamonds source.

It was was conceived by two gemmologists, Bill Palmer & Ron Park who have been appraisers for many years running a successful jewellery appraisal laboratory in Auckland. Both are Graduate Gemmologists from the Gemological Institute of America, the premier college and whose grading nomenclature is accepted as the universal standard by most of the world’s gemmologists and trusted Diamond Grading Laboratories. (Not all Laboratories are created equal).

We are ‘old school’ in our professional approach to business, meaning we believe in Kiwi values of fairness and giving our clients the best possible experience. There is no pressure selling with us, we let the diamonds sell themselves. We believe, that gaining a client’s trust and confidence is the only way to do business and our testimonials indicate we do achieve these goals. We then use the knowledge we have gained over the years to explain in plain language all the wonderful things about lab grown diamonds and to bring you the best laboratory diamond prices.

We’ve seen a seismic shift in the diamond industry with the introduction of laboratory made diamonds or. These are, in our opinion, the future of jewellery and the biggest thing since the modern brilliant cut was discovered, and De Beers created their famous ‘Diamonds are Forever’ tag line which resulted in previously unmatched diamond sales. Nothing has changed the fact that diamonds are still forever. But lab-grown diamonds will change the diamond industry forever.

All our laboratory grown diamond engagement rings are manufactured here in New Zealand by our own skilled Jewellers. We offer bespoke, diamond earrings and diamond pendants. Each piece is closely checked to make sure it is the highest quality and finish before sending to the client. All our laboratory created diamonds are of better-quality grades than average i.e. Colour, I or better, Clarity, SI1 or better and Cut, Very Good or better.

Our laboratory diamonds for sale are a product whose time has come, and it is our aim to make this wonderful gemstone available to all, to be mounted into jewellery which has been carefully selected to suit the modern taste and insist on them being manufactured to the highest quality we can using our extensive experience.

We personally manage the whole process from conception to the finished article. We know all aspects of jewellery, and that knowledge is passed on to you, to make your buying experience the best possible. We don’t wish to see disappointed customers!

If you’d like to discuss your options for purchasing a piece of Adamastar jewellery, please get in touch.

magnicent gemstone

If you were fortunate enough to discover a rough diamond in the ground, you might assume it is just another unremarkable, irregular shaped pebble.

It has taken diamond cutters generations of experimenting and passing down the (often jealously guarded) knowledge, of the physical and optical characteristics of such an unremarkable pebble, to bring out the brilliance and fire of a polished round brilliant cut diamond.

There is a wonderful symmetry with artisans skilfully beautifying this magnificent gemstone and now, with human ingenuity, actually creating it.

A lab-grown diamond is a diamond for the future. We invite you to experience the wonder of lab-grown diamonds for yourself in an exquisite piece of jewellery from Adamastar.