Melee (Pronounced similar to ‘Belly’), diamonds are tiny diamonds used in diamond jewellery, often used as accent diamonds, usually to highlight the main centre stone in an engagement ring. In the jewellery trade, a diamonds is often referred to by the number of ‘points’ it has. A one carat diamond has 100 points, so a half carat diamond equates to 50 points, (or as it would be referred to, a ‘50 pointer’). Generally, melee implies diamonds of 20 points or less which has a weight of 0.05carats. Diamonds of this size are about 2.4mm in diameter and can go down in size to be perfectly cut to 0.001points (1000th of a carat, or less than 1.0mm diameter). Melee diamonds being so small are not much on their own, but when especially set clustered together en masse, can add a stunning sparkle effect to an otherwise plain ring. Most melee diamonds are cut as Round Brilliant cut diamonds with the usual 58 facets and are known as ‘Full Cut’ melee. There is another type of melee known as ‘Single Cut’ melee. These have a simpler facet arrangement, having only 17 facets. Not surprisingly, Single Cut melee don’t have the fire and sparkle that a Full Brilliant Cut diamond has. Modern diamond cutting technology has advanced to the point that there is little reason to produce Single Cut melee diamonds. Today, the overwhelming majority of melee diamonds are Full Cut melee.