Currently there is only a small but growing market for secondhand laboratory grown diamonds. Earth mined diamond sellers, will claim there is no buy-back market for their ‘opposition’s’ diamonds, but most jewellers selling lab grown diamonds will buy them back. The problem arises in that most jewellers cannot safely distinguish a lab grown diamond from an earth mined as they don’t have the tools or expertise to confidently identify a lab grown diamond that someone is wanting to sell. Adamastar Diamonds will purchase laboratory grown diamonds even if it is not one that they have sold themselves. Any price offered to buy back a lab grown diamond, would be at a similar discount to what they would receive if selling a second-hand mined diamond. This is because retailers who buy your diamond from you must be able to re-sell that stone for a profit. You should never expect to be able to sell your diamond for more or the same of what you originally paid for it at retail, whether natural or lab grown. Contrary to what some may erroneously claim, both grown & mined diamonds should not be considered an investment and do not increase in value over time, relative to inflation. You should view any diamond purchase as a luxury, discretionary purchase, not an investment.