Why our Diamonds

Adamastar’s Diamonds are affordable real Diamonds.

They are not fake diamonds like Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite which merely simulate, (look like) a diamond. Our Lab grown diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds, in that they are also composed of carbon, arranged in the same crystal structure, with the same optical brilliance, but are more ethical, beautiful, and affordable than any diamond mined from the earth.

Made by replicating the earth’s natural process i.e., by crystallizing carbon in a modern-day lab environment, clever technicians have created brilliant diamonds that are priced at least 40-50% less than earth mined and are free of any environmental or humanitarian concerns.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds are the future.

magnicent gemstone

If you were fortunate enough to discover a rough diamond in the ground, you might assume it is just another unremarkable, irregular shaped pebble.

It has taken diamond cutters generations of experimenting and passing down the (often jealously guarded) knowledge, of the physical and optical characteristics of such an unremarkable pebble, to bring out the brilliance and fire of a polished round brilliant cut diamond.

There is a wonderful symmetry with artisans skilfully beautifying this magnificent gemstone and now, with human ingenuity, actually creating it.

A lab-grown diamond is a diamond for the future. We invite you to experience the wonder of lab-grown diamonds for yourself in an exquisite piece of jewellery from Adamastar.