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Earth mined diamonds are a gift from nature, but lab grown diamonds are a brilliant testament to human technology and intelligence. If you were fortunate enough to be wandering through a clear shallow stream somewhere, you might just stumble upon an unremarkable, irregular shaped pebble and if you knew what you were looking at you might realise it was a rough diamond you had just found. It would be a very lucky find. From that point on, the rough crystal begins a journey from there to the cutter whose job it is to bring out the hidden fire within the rough crystal. It has taken diamantaires generations of jealously guarded secret knowledge, of how to bring out the best optical characteristics of such an ‘unremarkable’ pebble and release the brilliance and fire of a polished, round brilliant cut diamond.

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With human ingenuity, now creating the crystal itself, there is a wonderful symmetry where artisans are skilfully further beautifying this all-man-made magnificent gemstone. Laboratory grown diamonds are diamonds for the future. They are environmentally superior to earth mined diamonds, using only carbon and electricity to manufacture them.

At Adamastar we have the highest quality lab grown diamonds for sale, at the best price for lab grown diamonds nz, including lab grown coloured diamonds, in settings or loose lab grown diamonds, but we don’t sell uncut lab grown diamonds. Large lab grown diamonds 5ct or higher are available, as are coloured lab grown diamonds yellow, green lab grown diamonds, and the most stunning of all, lab grown pink diamonds, all in any shapes including emerald, princess, oval, and pear-shaped lab grown diamonds. We only purchase lab grown diamonds from reputable lab grown diamond suppliers so you will always get the lab grown diamond you have been quoted for. The best thing is that the lab grown diamonds price per carat is at least half that of an earth mined diamond. We are the best website for lab grown diamonds NZ online.

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    Lab Grown Diamonds In NZ

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